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CAN-BIKE Program

City of Waterloo

CAN-BIKE 1 - Urban Cycling

CAN-BIKE 1 is a Cycling Canada accredited course geared toward improving basic cycling skills and raising road safety awareness. This two day course will equip cyclist ages 14 and older with the skills and confidence needed to ride safely on residential streets. The course covers:

  • Basic info on road rules and how to ride safely

  • Equipment need-to-knows to keep your ride safe and secure

  • Resources available to help you navigate your route

  • Some practical safety & maneuvering exercises

Course details 

The course will be taught by Bruce Hawkings - a member of the Waterloo advisory committee on active transportation. All CAN-BIKE instructors are nationally certified and highly skilled cyclists. This program is supported by the City of Waterloo engineering services department.

For more information on this course and others visit CAN-BIKE.

When: The course will be completed over two days. 

Saturday July 12, 2014 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. 
Sunday July 13, 2014 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.


Participant requirements:

  • Bicycle in good working condition with a bell or horn, lock, approved bicycle helmet, lunch or lunch money
  • Participants should feel comfortable riding their bicycles on residential streets before enrolling
  • No student can be allowed to do the on-bike portions of this course (or any CAN-BIKE course) on an unsafe bicycle – defective brakes, steering, headsets or loose assembly of seat or handlebars, or without wearing a certified bicycle helmet - as the safety of the entire group is at risk as well as the safety of that student
  • Participants must sign a student registration and liability waiver before participating in the program

Cost: $57.00/per person


To get started, you need a personal identification number (PIN) and client numbers. If you have not registered before, please call the registration desk at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex at 519-886-1177 to set up an account.

Once you have your PIN and client number, register online using ExpressReg. 

Open new window to view:

 Enter the course barcode 171179 and follow the instructions.

Course location

The course is held at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex. The in-class portion of the course will be held in the Mezzanine and the outdoor, as well as the on-road portion of the class, will be held in the west parking lot.

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