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Day Camps

Kids wearing camp T-shirts

Summer Camps 2017

Summer is right around the corner and we are getting excited to spend the summer with your children. Summer camp registration will started on Wednesday March 8. We can't wait to meet and entertain your children. 

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Day camp options (ages seven to 12 years)

Summer Adventure Camp (formerly WMRC Camp) - this camp at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex will encourage your child to have a blast on our weekly trips, playing new and old favourite games, swimming, creating crafts, making new friends and enjoying a new adventure every week. Proposed trips (not confirmed until May). Week one (July 3): African Lions Safari, week two (July 10: Bingemans, week three (July 17): Wild Water Works, week four (July 24): Emerald Lake, week five (July 31): THEMUSEUM, week six (Aug. 7): Canada's Wonderland (trip extended until p.m.), week seven (Aug. 14): Chicopee Tube Park, week eight (Aug. 21): Playdium, week nine (Aug. 28) - no camp

Variety camp - These camps are at RIM Park's Manulife Financial Sportsplex. Each week we run a different variety of camp for your children. See the descriptions below for details of these camps.
  • Sports week (week one - July 3) - Sports are so much fun to learn and play. Come and join us this week as we learn some new sports with trained expert guests and play some old favourites with our leaders.
  • Outdoor adventure (week two - July 10) - Come prepared to be adventurous this week! You will compete in obstacle courses, go on scavenger hunts and nature walks, as well as learn some fun eco-friendly information from our special guests. We can't wait to see your adventurous side!
  • Krafty kids  (week three - July 17) - This week at camp will include crafts and art and spending time with special guests who will teach the kids about different art forms. Come prepared for a messy week of fun, games, swimming and of course crafts!
  • H2WOW (week four - July 24) - Come prepared to have fun and get a little wet. We will experiment with water, play some amazing games, go swimming and possibly go on a fun water trip. Our camp staff can't wait to have fun and get a little H2O logged with your kids. Come prepared for a week of fun, games, and swimming with our leaders! Please note this camp will take place at Moses Springer Community Centre.
  • Time Travel  (week six - Aug 8) - The kids will explore the unknown and travel back in time to different and fun eras. They may be back in the 60's, or in a old western town or back in the time where the technology was a ball and a bat. Your kids will have fun travelling and learning about things in past this week.
  • Girls' Only (week seven - Aug. 14) - This camp is a fun week filled with crafts, esthetics, drama, sports, games and special guests. It is just for girls. Register your daughter with a friend or come and make new friends.
  • Busker Mania (week eight - Aug. 21) - This camp includes special guests who teach kids how to do tricks and mime, among other fun activities. The week wraps up with a performance on the centre stage of the Waterloo Busker Carnival
  • Mystery Mania (week nine - Aug. 28) - This sky is the limit when it comes to mystery mania week. We will have a week long mystery to solve as well as spending some time with special guests. Our staff are gearing up for a fun week of spy training and obstacle courses. Your kids won't want to miss this fun filled week of fun, games, swimming and mystery!
Evolve Skateboard and Scooter camp - will run weeks - July 17, July 24, Aug. 8 & Aug. 14

Skateboard/Scooter camp is held at the Waterloo Skatepark (WMRC arena floor rain location). The program is delivered and supervised by Evolve Skate Camp in partnership with the City of Waterloo. Does your child want to be the next pro skater? Or maybe they just want to learn a fun new skill that may help them get home from school a little faster. Our camp focuses on improving campers' fundamental physical skills like balance and coordination, while finding their style on the board or scooter.

Campers are given time to master tricks and challenge themselves to learn and develop. Our coaches are on hand every step of the way to help correct flaws and accelerate learning. Campers also participate in other sports and camp programming daily, for a well-rounded summer experience. Campers are required to bring their own skateboard or scooter, CSA approved helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards and kneepads. Staff / camper ratio 1:8.  Please note the fee for skateboarding camp is $230. This camp is for six - 13 year olds.

Focus on Nature Photography Camp - Jul. 31

Photography camp is held at RIM Park's Manulife Financial Sportsplex and is delivered and supervised by Focus on Nature Waterloo Region in partnership with the City of Waterloo. It will be a great opportunity for young photographers to develop their skills while exploring all the natural beauty RIM Park has to offer. As well as being outdoors each day on guided walks, playing outdoor games and other nature activities, campers will have the chance to edit their images, make a slideshow, and take home some of their best photos. Don't have your own camera, don't worry we have some for you to borrow. Campers are required to bring an USB memory stick. For ages eight to 16 years.  Cost: $250

Twisters Cheer camp - running the following weeks - July 10 and Aug. 14

Cheer camp is held at RIM Park's Manulife Financial Sportsplex and is delivered and supervised by Twisters Cheer Athletics in partnership with the City of Waterloo. Twisters cheer athletics coaches have a passion for the sport of cheerleading and in just one short week your children will develope life long skills such as trust, teamwork and discipline while learning the basics of cheerleading. They will leave this week having a blast with amazing memories, gaining new friends and becoming a stronger athlete. For ages seven to 12 years. Cost: $190.43

The Directors Cut - Lego stop motion animation - Aug. 28

Lego stop motion animation camp is held at  Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex and is delivered and supervised by The Directors Cut in partnership with the City of Waterloo. Get your Lego on at this new camp. Film making crews will work together with a real film maker to create a stop motion animation film that is sure to rival the works of Hollywood's most talented. Campers will work in crews to create storyboards, scripts and build design, capture and add sound effects, voice and music. Campers will also learn how to market thier film by creating thier own website and posters. For ages six to nine years. Cost: $250.

The Directors Cut - film making with movie trailer - July 24 at RIM Park

Film making with movie trailer camp is held at RIM Park's Manulife Financial Sportsplex and is delivered and supervised by The Directors Cut in partnership with the City of Waterloo. Campers will use Go Pro action cameras, high definition cameras and the latest digital equipment and hardware to film and edit your next blockbuster film. Participants will storyboard, write a script and learn all about camera angles and cinematography, before filming and editing. Campers will also learn how to market filming film by creating filming own website and posters. Family and friends will enjoy a red carpet film festival on Friday afternoon and all campers will receive a USB key with thier film on it. For ages nine to 14 years. Cost $250.

Information and consent forms will be available March 8, 2017

Please download and read the camp information forms to help make camp a success for everyone.

Please note: to help us prepare for camp we require the consent forms to be filled out.  Please take the time to fill this out as soon as you complete your registration.  We highly discourage this form to be filled out the first day of camp.  If you are unable to submit this online by the deadline, please print the forms and bring them on the first day.

Variety camp information package and variety consent form.  

Summer Adventure camp information package and Summer Adventure consent form.

Evolve Skateboard camp information package and skateboard camp consent form.

Focus on Nature Photography camp information package and Photography camp consent form.

Twisters Cheer camp information package and Twister Cheer camp consent form

The Directors Cut camps information package and The Directors Cut consent form.


The cost for summer day camps excluding Evolve Skateboard and the Directors Cut camps is $190.43 per week and $152.35. on short weeks with the exception of Wonderland week which is $230 per week. Your child may be eligible for a child tax credit.


The camp lunch form shows the menu. You have the option of buying single days of lunch for your child throughout the summer. Please note: we have added the option of purchasing lunch online when you register for a week of camp. Once you go to the checkout you will have the choice to select lunch for your child for 1 or more days of the week. Please note: all lunch orders need to be purchased by noon on Friday. Please send us a quick email at  if you have any questions.

Camp t-shirts

All day campers are required to wear the City camp t-shirt (does not include Evolve skateboard camp, Twister Cheer camp and The Directors Cut camps) when going off site. The t-shirts are the same as the past years. If you need to purchase a t-shirt you will be able to do so online when registering for camp. If you are signing your child(ren) up for more than 1 week of camp, please add the purchase of a camp shirt on the first week. You will see this option when you go to checkout as an extra fee. 

More information

Check out frequently asked camp questions for more details. We also have a checklist to help you determine if your child is ready for camp.