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GeoTime Trail


The GeoTime Trail traces the City of Waterloo's geological past through interpretive signs along the route.

Each metre of this 4½-kilometre (2.8-mile) trail marks one-million years of geological history. Every millimetre represents 1,000 years.

The trail teaches us where geological periods start and end, when different biological organisms appeared on Earth and when major catastrophic events took place. It also features a sundial where you can learn how to tell the time.

This trail opened in 2007, coinciding with our 150th anniversary, the University of Waterloo's 50th anniversary and the 150th kilometre of trail in this city. It was the first of its kind in Canada, and was outlined in the Canadian contributions to the UNESCO-sponsored international Year of Planet Earth in 2008.


The GeoTime Trail begins at Columbia Street West, west of Erbsville Road. It runs right on Salzburg Drive, left on Munich Crossing, right on Munich Circle to 872 Munich Circle.



Here are the signs found along the trail, in geological order.

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