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June is Recreation and Parks Month

June is Recreation and Parks Month

50 Active Things to do in June

Get outside and have fun throughout June.  Recreation, sport, arts, culture and outdoor/open space are essential to personal health and wellness and reduce reliance on health care and other social services.


  1. Go for a family bike ride at a local park or trail
  2. Organize a neighbourhood barbeque
  3. Go for a swim at the beach in Laurel Creek Conservation Area
  4. Make an obstacle course outside for the family to run through
  5. Take the kids to Lion's Lagoon splash pad to cool off
  6. Challenge yourself and join a walk/run for a charity
  7. Take your dog to Bechtel park leash free
  8. Check out Music & Movies in the Park on summer evenings
  9. Plant a tree
  10. Try lawn bowling or lawn darts
  11. Go canoeing on the Grand River
  12. Grab a blanket and go cloud watching or stargazing
  13. Join one of the many Aquacycle classes at the Waterloo Swimplex
  14. Grab your binoculars and go bird watching
  15. Get a skipping rope and try double-dutch
  16. Join a local recreational sports league (CARL is great)
  17. Fly a kite
  18. Enjoy a sunset on a clear, warm night
  19. Pick strawberries at a local farm
  20. Go to the driving range or play mini golf
  21. Visit Moses Springer Pool and take the slides for a ride
  22. Check out the park at the newly opened Westmount Sport Fields
  23. Have a try at Pickleball - the fastest growing sport in North America!
  24. Check out the summer ice skating at RIM Park
  25. Pick up a fishing pole and visit one of the Grand River Conservation Authority spots
  26. Say hello to the animals at Eby Farm in Waterloo park
  27. Enjoy St. Jacobs Farmers Market
  28. Check out the "Thru The Lens" exhibit at the museum
  29. Tour a fire station
  30. Go on a night hike to find fireflies
  31. Check out the "Day of Play" in Waterloo Square
  32. Purchase family pedometers and have a month-long walking challenge
  33. Visit a local pond to look for frogs, turtles and other critters
  34. Learn about Waterloo's geological history while hiking along the GeoTime Trail
  35. Pitch a tent in your backyard
  36. Play hide and seek outside at night
  37. Start a water balloon fight on a hot day
  38. Grab some grub from a food truck on Train Station Thursdays
  39. Take your camera out and be a photographer for the day
  40. Play Frisbee in the park
  41. Take the family bowling                      
  42. Check out Final Fridays in UpTown for food, art, and cultural exhibits
  43. Pack a picnic and eat outside
  44. Bring a board game or a deck of cards to a park
  45. Visit the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery UpTown
  46. Play tennis at one of the free courts in town
  47. Help the kids plant some seeds to grow their own garden
  48. Grab helmets and padding and head over to the skate park
  49. Turn on the radio and dance
  50. Check out one of Waterloo's many drop-in sports programs

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Looking for ideas to stay active beyond the month of June? We've got you covered!