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mom and child at swimming poolFree class week bannerA woman and child in a pool

The City of Waterloo offers a wide variety of programs and activities throughout the year for all ages, activity levels and interests.

Healthy Kids Community Challenge

The City of Waterloo is proud to participate in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge, a region-wide initiative that promotes the health of children and their caregivers through physical activity and healthy eating. 

In Waterloo, swim programs, gym days, and more will be offered to residents looking for free and fun ways to take part in the challenge. Learn more and get involved today!

New! Adult fitness classes at RIM Park

Registration is open March 2 for our new adult fitness classes at RIM Park. We have something for every body and budget. Whether you are looking for a high intensity work out, or to relax, our team of qualified instructors will guide you through classes that will help you feel energized, relieve stress and improve your overall well-being. 


Yoga postures relieve tension and focus on alignments while increasing strength, flexibility and balance.

Tai chi
A wonderful wellness routine for self-rehabilitation and healthy aging. Also provides a boost for you immune system. Achieve balance, harmony, and relaxation.

Qi gong
Several routines for an easy work out, amazingly effective for its simplicity. Flowing movements including breath practice to boost vitality as well as improves balance, endurance and clears the mind.

The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms alternate to give you an effective cardio workout.

Chair dancing
Dance, workout and have fun in this chair class. Start off with a warm up and toning exercises, then learn new moves and choreography to a new routine each class.

High Intensity Interval Training
In this high intensity interval class you will participate in a full body workout that uses both body weight as well as weight bearing exercises! We will get your heart pumping with a variety of circuits that keep you active throughout the whole class. 

General information

Learn more about our drop-in and registered programs and find the ones that are right for you and your family, including special day activities and adult sports leagues.

Our assistance programs make these drop-in and registered programs and activities more accessible. You may also be eligible for a child tax credit. There are several convenient ways to register for the programs you are interested in taking.

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We value your feedback - please take an online survey to let us know what you think about our registered programs.