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A child and two adults skating

The City of Waterloo offers several popular skating programs and opportunities.

Plan your visit to Albert McCormickRIM Park, or the Waterloo Memorial Rec Complex for public ice skating.  

View the skate schedule PDF today.

  • Parent and child shinny - For parents and children aged 12 and younger who want to play shinny together. We permit sticks and pucks, and nets will be available for use. A skating adult must be present.
  • Parent and child skate - For parents, pre-school and home-schooled children aged 12 and younger who want to skate together. We do not permit sticks and pucks. A skating adult must be present.
  • Public skating - Skating program for all ages. We permit skating aids, at the discretion of facility staff. However, strollers are not allowed on the ice.
  • Shinny - Shinny hockey is offered in sessions for various ages. We recommend on-ice participants wear full CSA-approved hockey equipment, including head, eye and facial protection. Personal identification stating current age may be required for program entry.
  • Youth Shinny- New and improved reservation system this year! No more driving to the rink at 7 a.m. to buy a wristband to ensure a spot in the afternoon program for your child.  Sign up for games up to two weeks in advance. Convenience fee applies. Check out pickuphub for more information.

The operators of all City facilities strongly recommend that CSA-approved safety equipment (including head, eye and facial protection) be worn by all on-ice participants.

The City of Waterloo strives to provide safe and enjoyable skating opportunities for our community.  Please review and follow our rules and guidelines for safe use when participating in skating programs.

Programs are subject to change. Be sure to check our cancellations page before travelling to our rinks.

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