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Map and logo of Northdale

The Northdale land use and community improvement plan study resulted in a land-use plan, community improvement plan and urban-design guidelines for this neighbourhood. Approved by Waterloo city council in June 2012, the study resulted in a comprehensive planning and regulatory framework to guide change in Northdale. However, multiple appeals were filed with the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) in 2012.

Through recent decisions, the OMB has put into effect Official Plan policies, the Zoning By-law, and Community Improvement Plan, with some minor property specific exceptions. 

In effect Northdale Plans


In effect Northdale CIP Tax Increment Grant Program

Waterloo City Council has activated the Northdale CIP Tax Increment Grant (TIG) program. 

TIGs are a form of tax assistance that can be provided to the private sector in order to encourage investment in a community.  TIGs are not a cancellation of taxes outright, but rather are an annual grant equal to part of the difference between the taxes paid pre-redevelopment and post-redevelopment for a property up to a certain time period.  The purpose of this specific program is to promote projects that are “green/sustainable” in Northdale by providing a financial incentive that reduces the property tax increase that typically occurs with such projects for a period of time.

Please note, an applicant cannot apply for both a Northdale TIG as well as a City/Region Joint Brownfields TIG, they can only apply to one. 

Further information about this specific program can be found in the documents below or by contacting Raj Sian, Business Development Specialist, at 519-747-6064 or via email at