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Duels will return for Final Fridays from May to September. Each month different artists battle head to head showcasing their talent.. 

Duels dates

The dates of the upcoming Duels are as follows:

Date TimeTheme
May 26 6-10 p.m. Fort Building - Cardboard vs Balloons
Jun 30  7-9 p.m.Dance Duel (featuring the Hepcat Hoppers 
Jul 28   7-9 p.m.

Keyboard/Synth Duel (Featuring Matt Weidinger vs

Nick Barkley with Ryan Allen, Rick Wren and Rick Barbosa)

Aug 25  7-9 p.m.Classical Music vs Jazz Music
Sep 29 TBDOrg Battle - Arts Obstacle Course


More information

Duels is a culture plan initiative that works with artists to demonstrate local arts and culture talent in ‚Äča fun and engaging way.