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Stormwater Credit Program

A stormwater pond

The cities of Waterloo and Kitchener have developed a stormwater credit program that offers you financial incentives for reducing the amount of stormwater runoff and pollutants that enter the municipal stormwater-management system from your property.

The program offers incentives - including lower monthly stormwater management fees - to all ratepayers who demonstrate best practices in managing stormwater runoff.

There are many ways you can reduce the runoff from pavement, roofs and other impermeable surfaces.

  • Use rain barrels to collect water for your garden
  • Install stormwater treatment devices in parking lots
  • Use permeable paveways to control runoff

Stormwater credit application

Visit our credit program application page or download a PDF version of the application below. 

Stormwater application form for non-residential/multi-residential

Stormwater application form for residential

We all play an important role when it comes to protecting our water resources. For more information on this program, please read this best management practices manual, which explains what stormwater controls are eligible for a stormwater credit. This document has instructions on calculating stormwater volumes.

Program eligibility

The credit is based on different factors depending on the type of property you own.

Residential properties

Credit based on the amount of runoff captured on the property and diverted from the municipal stormwater management infrastructure

Multi-residential and non-residential properties

Credit based on approved flood prevention (quantity) and pollution reduction (quality) controls

The maximum credit amount for your property is 45 per cent of the stormwater portion on your utility bill.

Program goals

  • Divert stormwater, resulting in long-term improvements in surface water quality
  • Require privately-owned stormwater best management infrastructure (such as oil and grit separators) to be maintained through ongoing followup on credits and incentives
  • Give incentives for private-property owners to implement best management practices and make choices that benefit the environment
  • Engage the community and give them the opportunity to demonstrate ownership over greening their neighbourhoods
  • Continue to work with the City of Kitchener on shared initiatives to address water quality
  • Increase the public's general knowledge of stormwater issues

More information

These documents provide background information and additional context about the stormwater credit program.