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Culture Plan

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The City of Waterloo is rich in cultural opportunities, from dance and music, to art and theatre, crafts, sports, gardening and much more!

On December 2, 2013Waterloo council voted unanimously to approve the City of Waterloo’s 10 year culture plan. Download the full culture plan for more information.

Council’s decision is the culmination of a two year project focused on broad public consultation. Project staff heard from more than 700 community members about the important role of culture in Waterloo today and in the future. The culture plan depicts the community’s vision for culture – a vision that proposes to make Waterloo an even more vibrant and creative city in which to live, work, learn and play.

"The advent of the City of Waterloo's culture plan is both timely and strategic" said Roger Farwell, board chair of the Creative Enterprise Initiative. "It punctuates the critical need for all of us to maintain a laser sharp focus on increasing the calibre and capacity of our cultural persona during these times of transformation in every aspect of community. Our future, and that of generations to come, will depend upon our vision, courage and commitment."

Containing 37 recommendations to achieve six goals, the culture plan explores the city’s role in local cultural development. These goals are:

1. Uncover and build community capacity for creativity, expression and cultural engagement;

2. Strengthen the community’s cultural heritage identity by uniting Waterloo’s past with its present and future through management and education;

3. Enliven streets, neighbourhoods, public and green spaces;

4. Enhance engagement of community diversity to build a stronger, shared sense of belonging;

5. Expand community awareness and appreciation of culture; and

6. Foster collaborations in the culture sector.

"Cultural vitality and economic prosperity are two important aspects to quality of life in Waterloo" said Justin McFadden, executive director of economic development for the City of Waterloo. "Continued collaboration with the community will be critical to the acceleration and ultimate success of the culture plan."

More information

Download the project overview about the stages of culture planning in Waterloo.

Learn more about the culture plan implementation work that has already begun.

Some funding for the culture plan project was received through a grant from the Government of Ontario's Creative Communities Prosperity Fund.

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Funding provided by the Government of Ontario