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Waterloo Earth Day

People planting treesPeople picking up litter

Waterloo Earth Day is a free community event focusing on the planting of native trees and learning about our environment through educational hands-on activities.

Thank you

Westmount Sports Park saw the planting of 150 native trees and shrubs within the UW environmental reserve on Saturday, May 27.  A total of 65 volunteer participants planted large trees (red maple, serviceberry, red oak, white birch, white pine) in addition to small native shrubs. This vegetation will enhance the living fence buffer surrounding the sportsfields and Laurel creek corridor, improving air and water quality as well as creating additional habitat for wildlife.

Through the City of Waterloo's Living Legacy 150th Tree Planting program in 2017, a number of small container native trees were provided to Waterloo residents to encourage them to plant more trees on their property.

Waterloo's urban tree canopy continues to grow and thrive through community stewardship and action.


Photo Gallery: Waterloo Earth Day will appear here on the public site.