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Partners in Parks

Group of people planting a tree

The City of Waterloo's Partners in Parks program provides an opportunity for you to make a difference in your neighbourhood park. Through this program, we support many community-driven environmental activities held from May to October each year. 

Short-term activities

Short-term stewardship activities include a one-time 2 to 3 hour event in a neighbourhood park. Group leaders (18 years of age or older) can initiate a Partners in Park activity by registering on-line or completing this form.

Examples of short-term stewardship activities within a public park in Waterloo:

Long-term projects

Long-term stewardship projects generally involve ongoing park maintenance throughout the spring to fall for up to five years. This step-by-step guide will help you organize a Partners in Parks project in your local park. Start your Partners in Park long-term project by filling in this form.

For community vegetable gardens, please review this guide. Start your Community Vegetable Garden project by filling in this form. Review the summary of successful existing community vegetable gardens located on city greenspace.

Examples of long-term projects within a public park in Waterloo:

  • Plant and maintain a community vegetable garden
  • Plant and maintain a garden bed
  • Plant and maintain a vegetated buffer adjacent to your property
  • Mow grass on public greenspaces regularly
  • Manage an invasive plant species known as garlic mustard
  • Install a little library or message board
  • And other special projects upon request