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Property Taxes

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Property taxes allow the City of Waterloo to provide the important municipal programs and services you value and expect. View a breakdown of how the City of Waterloo allocates property tax revenue.

Tax bill components

Your final property tax bill has three components:

  • Education taxes - 16 percent
  • Municipal taxes (to the city) - 30 percent
  • Regional taxes - 54 percent

Use our online calculator (for residential properties only) to see how much of your property tax bill goes to the City of Waterloo.

Setting taxes

We set your property taxes using your property assessment (determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corp) times the city's tax rate, the Region of Waterloo's tax rate and the provincial education tax rate. To calculate your total property tax bill, multiply your property assessment by the total residential tax rate.

In 2016 the residential tax rate is 1.146477% (City of Waterloo 0.344856% + Region of Waterloo 0.613591% + all school boards 0.188000% = 1.146447%).

A residential property assessed at $365,000 would therefore incur $4,184.53 in property taxes in 2016 ($365,000 x 1.146447%= $4,184.53).

Assessment Growth

Watch a brief video to help understand how assessment growth impacts the tax base:

Change in market value

Watch a brief video to help understand how a change in your home's market value impacts your taxes:

More info

For a comprehensive overview of our fees related to property taxes, please see our User Fee Guide.