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Public Art

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The City of Waterloo is proud of our diverse public and fine art collections, which are on display throughout this community. Many of the pieces reflect our past, present and future, and stand as testaments to our accomplishments.

The City of Waterloo is rich in Public Art that you will find scattered throughout the city. Public Art has many benefits, from reflecting our heritage to increasing our appreciation of the arts. 

This handout outlines 10 things you can do to embrace local arts and culture. Get started today! 

The Collection

Our Public Art collection features over 22 large-scale pieces that are in public spaces around the city.

 Photo Gallery: PhotoGallery_PublicArt will appear here on the public site.


Location of Public Art

Here are some maps and tours to help you find the pieces you are looking for:

Selection Process

Public consultation is an important part of selecting any piece of Public Art for Waterloo. We work with a committee of volunteers on each Public Art project, and they use your input to help decide which pieces of art to select. Art must meet a number of requirements, and city council makes the final decision.

Our Public Art Policy outlines the allocation of Public Art funding for civic building construction and renovations.

Temporary Installations

As outlined in the City of Waterloo's Public Art Policy, the city may accept, on a temporary basis, works of art for display in public spaces (defined as municipally owned property) through art loan agreements. Temporary installations of artworks may last from one day to one year, typically remaining on view for three to six months.

Artwork considered for temporary display in public space is distinct from art installations that occur as part of a special event (where the installation period coincides with the duration of the event).

Proposals for temporary art display will be reviewed by the city's Public Art committee/public art review team.  Consideration will be given to safety and durability of the artwork, and its suitability to the site. Following the approval of a proposal, a loan agreement between the artist and/or sponsoring organization and the city will be executed.

For more information please contact