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Uptown Streetscape Improvement

A man and woman wearing hardhats

The city, in collaboration with the Region of Waterloo, is initiating a streetscape improvement project for King Street North in our uptown core from Central Street to just south of Erb Street. This project has several objectives:

  • To make King Street more accessible for all modes of transportation, including pedestrians
  • To create a streetscape environment that offers a safe, lively, accessible and attractive place to work, live, shop, learn and play
  • To co-ordinate streetscape design elements and improve the quality of business and economic life in uptown Waterloo

Work being done includes the replacement of underground infrastructure (stormwater, sanitary sewers, watermain and underground utilities), reconstruction of the roadway to two lanes with segregated bike lanes on King Street and wider sidewalks, adding new pedestrian-centric street lights, trees, landscaping and street furniture.

Construction update - January, 2018

Friday, Dec. 1, 2017 was the last day of construction on King Street in uptown Waterloo. As we near the completion of Stage 1 and 2 there are a couple aspects that will be deferred to 2018, including the planting of majority of the trees, unit paver installation and concrete bike lane installation. Due to the cold weather conditions the fall brings, it is necessary to defer the remaining bike lane concrete work to the Spring in order to guarantee the best results.

For the winter season the bike lane and unit paver area that has not been completed was filled with gravel to eliminate tripping hazards. These incomplete bike lanes are not safe for cyclists and should not be used. Under normal circumstances, any areas where construction is not complete would be fenced off.  Consensus between the UpTown Waterloo Business Improvement Association (UpTown BIA), the city and the region was to clear King Street of any construction equipment, fencing, signs, etc., by Dec. 1, 2017, to encourage customers to come to the uptown area. To address safety concerns, the incomplete bike lanes were filled with gravel. Construction to complete the bike lanes will resume as soon as spring arrives and ground conditions permit.

Since the bike lanes are not ready for cyclists, the city has not and will not provide winter maintenance of the bike lanes this season as these incomplete areas present hazards to cyclists as well as for winter maintenance vehicles. An unintended consequence is that vehicles are parking on the gravel surfaces. Parking is being temporarily allowed on this space, until construction is completed. However, anyone parking outside of clearly signed parking spaces do so at their own risk. Parking in the bike lanes will be prohibited and strictly enforced as soon as the bike lanes are fully constructed. In addition, vehicles can be ticketed or towed if they impede traffic or snow removal from the roadway, encroach into sight lines, are parked for an extended period of time, or any other reason the safety of the public is jeopardized.  

The third and final stage of work includes work to be completed on King Street from Elgin street To Bridgeport Road.

Public engagement

April 13, 2017 meeting with the UpTown BIA -  The City of Waterloo, in conjunction with the Region of Waterloo, hosted an information meeting with local businesses to share timelines and construction details. The following documents pertain to this meeting:

  • Public information package delivered to area residents, businesses and individuals who attended previous information centres on this subject  This notice included details and timing of the construction.
  • Presentation boards used at the meeting with information about the final design, scheduling and a review of how vehicular and pedestrian traffic will be impacted during construction.  

Jan. 31, 2017 public information centre - The City of  Waterloo, in conjunction with the Region of Waterloo, hosted a public information centre to share final design details for the proposed improvements to King Street and the construction timing of the project. In addition, traffic flow plans during construction were shared. The following documents pertain to this information centre:

Please note: The City of Waterloo strives to make all of its services accessible to all, including this website. Some of the documents on this page were prepared by a third-party consultant and may be inaccessible in their current format. If you would like any of these documents in an alternate format, please contact the project manager using the information at the top of this page.

Additional information

Should you have any questions or concerns about this project, please contact Eric Saunderson, senior project manager, Region of Waterloo, 519-575-4746 or