Waterloo announces additional financial support for neighbourhoods

Posted On Thursday October 29, 2020

The City of Waterloo recognizes the importance of neighbourhood-led community building and is warmed by the displays of kindness and neighbourly connections taking place across the city during the pandemic. 

The neighbourhoods team is pleased to announce $5000 in additional funds for neighbours to continue building community connections in ways that align with public health direction and focus on neighbourhood initiatives specifically through the winter. 

“It’s simple: inspiring a neighbourhood builds confidence, helps neighbours connect to each other, reduces feelings of loneliness and creates hope,” says Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky. “We know that a little bit of funding can help create a greater sense of community connection.” 

Waterloo residents and community members, working independently or collaboratively, are encouraged to request funds any time from November 1 – 30, 2020, as long as they use the funds for a project by March 31, 2021. 

We welcome the opportunity to fund initiatives that:

  • respond to emergent needs and opportunities at the neighbourhood level;
  • contribute to community building;
  • encourage neighbourhood interactions;
  • empower neighbours to lead; and
  • are in compliance with all Covid-19 public health directives.


Neighbours have what it takes to build strong connections and sometimes all they need is a little inspiration. These events took place with some neighbourly creativity and some funds from us!

  • Lincoln Heights neighbours celebrated something they have in common – two neighbourhood turkeys! – through a photo contest. Neighbours proudly submitted photos to various categories. Prizes were awarded from neighbourhood businesses. 
  • Neighbours from Wissler Road came together this summer to enjoy some food and music – the event was held outside with full compliance to public health directives (masks, hand washing, physical distancing).
  • Upper Beechwood I Homes Association recently hosted an ice cream party. To ensure physical distancing, they organized a travelling ice cream truck to visit each street in the neighbourhood, with ice cream lovers lining up two meters apart to get their treats.
  • Neighbourhood organizers at Southwick & Croydon Place were keen to keep up their 26th annual neighbourhood gathering. With a little extra planning and lots of masks, hand washing and physical distancing, they were able to host their annual barbecue and everyone had a happy and safe experience.



City staff are excited to help fund your project. To request funds, please contact us at: neighbourhoods@waterloo.ca 

For more information about neighbourhoods, including our block connector program, the neighbourhood matching fund, mini grants, neighbourhood associations and more, please visit waterloo.ca/neighbourhoods



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