Waterloo Region Seniors Continue to Contribute to and Enrich our Community

Posted On Monday June 08, 2020

This media release is posted on behalf of the four Age Friendly Committees of Waterloo Region - the cities of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo and Woolwich Township.


The Celebration Interview Project: Waterloo Region Seniors Continue to Contribute to and Enrich our Community

June is Seniors’ Month in Ontario. The four Age Friendly Committees of Waterloo Region have joined together to highlight the contributions and community involvement of several older adults from the Region in The Celebration Interview Project.

While many headlines of the past several weeks have focused on the vulnerability of our older population, the Age Friendly Committees want to remind everyone of the volunteer commitments, skills and gifts that many of our older adults continue to share with others.

Working with Digital Legacy Productions, The Celebration Interview Project features seven in-depth interviews with members of the older adult community in Waterloo Region, and are available now for readers to enjoy at the Legacy Storytelling website.  

The individual stories reflect these older adults’ commitment to and involvement in the community, the skills and talents that they bring to the work that they do, and the energy and enthusiasm that sustains them and invigorates their volunteer activities.

All of the people interviewed have embraced their status as a senior, and rather than see it as an impediment or liability, they have chosen to use the advantages of their age and life experience to give back to their community. Their energy, resiliency, creativity and compassion are inspiring for people of all ages to read.

We invite you to read the stories in The Celebration Interview Project and then encourage you to pursue further information from the individuals themselves. Each has agreed to participate in communication to expand on their roles, volunteer work, interests, and commitments in their community. Contact information for each is provided with the interviews.

For more information about the Seniors’ Month Celebration Interview Project, please contact Sharon Livingstone at the Cambridge Council on Aging, or Jocelyn Vieth at Digital Legacy Productions, Waterloo.

Sharon Livingstone


Jocelyn Vieth