Occupancy tracking for 2019 student move in

Posted On Friday August 23, 2019

Each year we track the occupancy status of new buildings in the student community. Note that our staff do not control the pace of construction and can only grant occupancy status when a building complies with all applicable regulations.

Occupancy status will be updated as often as possible in the lead up to student move in. Check back to this page for updates.

Last updated: October 3 2019

Address and developerSizeUnitsBedroomsCompletedProjected occupancyStatus
275 Larch Street (The Block Inc) 6 storeys999995%September 27Partially occupied
176 Regina Street6 storeys928100%September 13Occupied
311 Batavia Street6 storeys5757


August 9Occupied
131 University Avenue (Prica)16 storeys9292100%September 4Occupied
280 Philip Street (WCRI)9 storeys208208100%September 1Occupied
246 Lester Street (U style)12 storeys858550%November 15Possibly on track
257 Hemlock Street (IN8)6 storeys137147100%August 1Occupied