Time to change your clocks and the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Posted On Thursday November 04, 2021

Waterloo Fire Rescue recommends residents replace the old batteries in their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms when they change their clocks this weekend for the end of daylight saving time (DST). 

“In order for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to work, they need to have fresh batteries,” says Fire Chief Richard Hepditch. “Once a year, old batteries should be replaced with new ones. When you change your clocks this weekend, Waterloo Fire Rescue wants everyone to change the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.” 

To survive a fire, you need an early warning signal and the knowledge of what to do when the smoke alarms sound. It’s the law in Ontario to have working smoke alarms on every storey of the home and outside all sleeping areas. For added protection, it is recommended that alarms are installed inside all bedrooms. In addition, it is now the law to have a working carbon monoxide alarm near all sleeping areas in the home.

Tampering with or removing the batteries from your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm is against the law. Failure to comply with Ontario Fire Code requirements can result in a ticket of $360 or a fine of up to $50,000. 

For more information on fire and life safety, please visit the Waterloo Fire Rescue website at www.waterloo.ca/fire and on our Twitter Page: @Waterloo_Fire.


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