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City of Waterloo launches Pingstreet

Posted on Tuesday April 02, 2013

(Waterloo, Ont. – April 2, 2013) The City of Waterloo is pleased to announce the launch of Pingstreet, a municipal app developed in conjunction with eSolutions and BlackBerry. 

“Pingstreet is the only complete municipal app of its kind,” said Mayor Brenda Halloran. “I am delighted that we played a role in its development.” 

The idea for Pingstreet was conceived during the public engagement process for the city’s new website.

“We listened to our residents and the result is a mobile app that puts the information and online services they need right at their fingertips,” Halloran said. 

Pingstreet facilitates seamless, daily interactions between citizens and government and provides real-time access to information including garbage and recycling calendars, reporting a problem, contacting elected officials and more. 

This localized information is delivered directly to your handheld device at no cost to the user. Pingstreet is currently available for download on your BlackBerry device, but watch for iOS and Android device support as of April 30, 2013. 

For more information about Pingstreet, please visit the city’s website.  

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