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70 King St N

File:  Official Plan Amendment No. 21 (formerly OPA 18) and Zone Change Application Z-18-02 

Location:  70 King Street North 

Applicant/Agent:  MHBC Planning (Dave Aston, 519.576.3650) on behalf of HIP Developments 

Owner:  Canada Post Corporation 

Ward:  Uptown, Ward 7 


The Applicant is proposing to amend the City's Official Plan to permit a maximum height of 58.25 m within 30 metres of King Street, whereas the maximum height limit is 16 m.   A consideration of approval may be height/density bonusing in accordance with the Official Plan. 

The Applicant is also proposing to amend the City's Zoning By-law No. 1108 by adding site specific provisions to the existing Commercial Eight-25 (C8-25) zone.  The site-specific provisions include: 

  • an increase to the maximum building height within 30 m of King Street, from 16 m (4 storeys) to 58.25 m (14 storeys),
  • an increase in density, from 250 dwelling units per hectare to 571 dwelling units per hectare,
  • an increase in the maximum floor area ratio, from 4.0 to 12.4, and
  • permission to use a combination of private indoor and roof-top decks as contributing towards the minimum required amenity area.  


This application is being advanced to facilitate the construction a mixed-use building consisting of a 4 to 6 storey podium with 754 square metres of ground floor commercial space, 3250 square metres of office space, and 418 parking spaces (above and below ground).  A 10 storey tower facing King St. and a 16 storey tower facing Regina St. are proposed atop of the podium, for total building heights of 14 storeys (58.25m) and 22 storeys (77.45m) respectively.   The towers will contain one level of office and amenity space, and a total of 263 residential units (335 bedrooms) in the levels above. 

Informal Public Meeting:   March 5, 2018 

Formal Public Meeting:  September 10, 2018

Council Report:  IPPW2018-030 and IPPW2018-030.1

Contact:  Wendy Fisher, Development Planner, 519.747.8544, 

Additional Studies Submitted by the Applicant - May to August, 2018

Revised Application - February 27, 2018

Materials Submitted by the Applicant - January 2018

The following documents have been provided by third party consultants and may not be accessible in their current format. Should you require these documents in an alternative format, please contact Wendy Fisher or TTY at 1.866.786.3941.