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Zoning Review Public Consultation

Photo of the Uptown Waterloo skyline

Public consultation

In January 2016, staff presented the first draft zoning by-law to council and the public for feedback. Over the last year, staff received almost 300 comments on the first draft zoning by-law and met with a wide array of stakeholders and local residents. A second draft zoning by-law is now available for review and feedback.

To provide comments to the on the second draft zoning by-law, please email the city at Written submissions may also be mailed to:

City of Waterloo, Planning Approvals Division
Attn: Zoning By-law Review
100 Regina St. S.
PO Box 337, Station Waterloo
Waterloo, ON N2J 4A8

All comments on the second draft zoning by-law must be provided by July 4, 2017

To check the current zoning of a property, please refer to this map or to the interactive map.

Zoning Review Drop-ins

To provide an opportunity to answer questions and for casual discussions regarding the draft zoning by-law, city staff are holding drop-in sessions at city hall. Anyone is welcome to attend to learn more about the Zoning By-law Review. 
Where: City Hall, Neufeld Room (2nd Floor), 100 Regina St. S., Waterloo
When:  3:30 - 5:30 p.m., May 24, June 7, and June 21

Engage Waterloo 

We will be presenting a series of public engagement topics on various draft changes proposed in the draft zoning by-law through Engage Waterloo.

New topics will be posted soon.


If you can't attend a public consultation event, or if you have more specific questions regarding the comprehensive zoning by-law review, please email or call Natalie Stopar at 519-514-0224

The first Open City Hall topic pertains to secondary residential units, which are self-contained residential units with their own kitchen and bathroom facilities that are located within existing dwellings or within accessory structures (such as above a detached garage).

The City of Waterloo is required by the Planning Act to permit secondary residential units within the city. For example, these changes could permit someone with a single detached dwelling to construct a second unit within the basement. Staff is looking for feedback from residents to determine where secondary residential units should be permitted and what regulations should be applied. 

Public meetings and discussion papers

In order to provide more detailed information to council on each section in the draft zoning by-law, staff will be presenting discussion papers to council as outlined below. No decisions will be made at these meetings. 

 Discussion Paper Meeting date
 General regulations (section 3) Mar 21, 2016
 Low density residential zones (section 7.1-7.9) Mar 21, 2016
 High density residential zones (section 7.10-7.14) Apr 11, 2016
 Institutional and academic zones (section 10 & 11) Apr 25, 2016
 Commercial zones (section 8) May 9, 2016
 Employment zones (section 9) May 30, 2016
 Parking and loading (section 6) Jun 13, 2016

 Open space and environmentally sensitive landscapes zones

(section 12 & 13)

 Jun 27, 2016 

Discussion papers will be made available on the city's website prior to the public meeting.

The public and stakeholders are encouraged to review the discussion papers and provide comments to council at the meeting. You are invited to register as a delegation and speak to the discussion papers. If you choose to speak as a delegation, your name, address and comments may be made public. Written comments may be submitted by email to  or by mail Legislative Services, City of Waterloo, 100 Regina Street South, P.O. Box 337, Station Waterloo, Waterloo, ON N2J 4A8

Meetings are held in council chambers, on the third floor of city hall at 100 Regina St. S. in Waterloo.