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Festival Heart

The city is in the planning stage of designing and constructing a new festival area accessible off Father David Bauer Drive. Known as the festival heart, the space will accommodate a number of cultural activities and programs and seamlessly integrate the existing skatepark and green rooms located in the park frontage along Father David Bauer Drive. The festival heart design brief describes the conceptual framework. This festival space will revitalize Waterloo Park and confirm its identity as a focal point of civic life in Waterloo.View the concept image of what this festival area will potentially look like.

This project is closely linked with the outdoor sports field strategy since two ball diamonds (1 and 2) located on the west side of park, will need to be transitioned to other diamond space in the city in order to accomodate the festival heart. The existing ball diamonds (1 and 2) will not be removed until the diamonds' user groups are accommodated elsewhere in the city. Public information sessions to share information about this project are planned for the early spring. Details will be provided closer to the event date.

The festival heart project is closely linked with the Waterloo Park master plan (2009) which was initiatied to keep the park's programs and infrastructure current with the needs of the community. The Waterloo park master plan is linked closely with the community culture and recreation master plan, the outdoor sportsfield srategy and the culture plan and is supported by the Waterloo Park Advisory Committee (WPAC), a group of interested citizens who advise council on matters pertaining to the implmentation of the mster plan.  

More information

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