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Upgrade to Father David Bauer Drive Frontage


In June 2014, Waterloo Park's new frontage along Father David Bauer Drive opposite to the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex was opened to the public. This project was made possible thanks to a grant from the Government of Canada Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF) and involved upgrading the streetscape along Waterloo Park's frontage on Father David Bauer Drive and the development of a series of supporting "green rooms" that front Waterloo Park along this section. Each "green room" is defined by a distinct tree species and houses a variety of uses such as a new playground, a picnic area and a play space. The "green rooms" described in the map below are as follows:

  • Welcome Plaza - a portion of this plaza will be the future main entrance of Waterloo Park, but currently allows access to the Sand-Willow Room
  • Sand-Willow Room - room defined by willow trees and includes a new accessible playground that uses natural play components
  • Redwood Room - room defined by Redwood trees and includes swings and provides a shady seating area
  • Community Room- defined by pear trees and will house a communal picnic table that runs the length of the room
  • Birch Room - defined by Birch trees and includes a swing bay. With future improvements, it could house a variety of play elements such as a bocce court, shuffle board, chess tables and outdoor exercise equipment
  • Action Sports Room - with future improvements, may allow for a multi-purpose court that will house a variety of activities, including basketball and ball hockey

The new streetscape frontage along the park on Father David Bauer features a new wider sidewalk, parallel parking spots for visitors and food trucks, signage, WiFi, and lights.

The Waterloo Park Master Plan was completed in 2009 and includes the long-term vision for the development of Waterloo Park over the next 20 plus years. The vision recognizes the park's history and builds upon the current uses, events and activities of this jewel of the city.

The Waterloo Park CIIF project involves the frontage components of the festival area, a high priority initiative defined within the Waterloo Park master plan. A design has been generated for the festival area so that the Waterloo Park CIIF project component could be defined and seamlessly integrated into both the current configuration of the existing baseball fields and service building/yard and future initiatives. The conceptual context of the festival area is outlined in the design brief below. 

Design brief

The festival area design brief describes the conceptual framework for the new festival area, which seamlessly integrates the existing skatepark and provides for the additional programs and activities included in the Waterloo Park master plan. This concept image gives you a good idea of what the area will look like. 

The park frontage along Father David Bauer Drive gains a series of "green rooms" containing a host of new park programs and functions oriented to the community, integrated within distinct landscape settings. These green rooms contain distinct plantings that hint at the botanical diversity to be discovered within the broader park and allude to a future arboretum planned in its west side. The Father David Bauer Drive frontage design culminates with a clear entry plaza that profiles the design initiatives along the street frontage and celebrates the festival use with a legible park entrance leading visitors to the heart of the park.

The festival area design brief takes advantage of the opportunity to bring a sense of balance to the park as a whole - with the momentum to propel the transformation and renewal of Waterloo Park over the next 20 years and beyond. The festival area will strengthen Waterloo Park as a revitalized "jewel of the city" and redefine the overall park as a singular, coherent place - it will confirm its identity as a focal point of civic life in Waterloo.

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