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A group of people gather and dance in a public space

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Waterloo Public Square ice rink.

Q. Where can I use the washroom?

A. The Shops at Waterloo Town Square management welcomes Waterloo Public Square patrons to use their facilities during mall hours. We make other onsite arrangements for skaters when the mall closes on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Q. Where should I park?

A. There are hundreds of spaces near the Waterloo Public Square with outdoor lots and a paid parkade. Be sure to check posted time limits.

Q. What is the usual skating season for the Rink in the Square?

A. Typically the Rink in the Square is open from early to mid December until early to mid March, However warm or rainy weather or other issues such as mechanical or maintenance situations may cause the rink to open later, or close earlier or even close for a day or two mid-season. Please watch this website or call 519 886 1177 and dial extension 27922 for up-to-date information on rink conditions.

Q. What happens to the Waterloo Public Square in the summertime once the rink is gone?

A. After the skating season is over, the compressors, mats and rink boards are put away for the season, and the square is wide open.

Q. Where can I change my skates?

A. There are benches and mats all along the mall side of the rink for you to sit on comfortably to change your skates and make your way onto the ice.

Q. Is there anywhere to leave my belongings while I skate?

A. We do not have locker storage areas onsite. Please keep an eye on your belongings or lock them in your car; the City of Waterloo assumes no responsibility for loss or theft of your personal items.

Q. Can I bring my stroller or a learning aid for my child on the ice?

A. Learning aids designed for use on ice are permitted on the rink at all times. Please be mindful of the speed of skating around you so you do not put yourself or others in danger with any items that you bring onto the ice. Strollers are only permitted during special programs designed for younger children. Our website listing will indicate whether or not strollers are allowed.

Q. Can I play hockey at the Waterloo Public Square?

A. We may program special hockey-related events from time to time, however, pickup hockey games are forbidden for public safety. Precautions will be taken during special events when hockey or hockey equipment are allowed on the ice.

Q. Can I rent skates at the Waterloo Public Square?

A. We do not provide skate rentals at this time. There are several businesses in Waterloo that would be happy to rent you skates.

Q. What is a "cruiser?"

A. Cruisers are City of Waterloo staff or volunteers who monitor the rink during peak skating times. Their role is to make your experience enjoyable by enforcing our rink rules, keeping the site clean and even giving you a few skating pointers.

Q. I or a member of my party require accommodation in order to go skating.  What are our options?

A. Though the Waterloo Public Square is not a full service recreation facility such as the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex, we will try to find every way to accommodate your needs. If you are planning ahead, please contact us to discuss arrangements.   Equipment such as wheelchair skates can be brought in for you from another facility if necessary. If you want to join us at the square spontaneously, one of our Cruisers or ice maintenance staff will help to accommodate your needs if any necessary equipment is available.  Please note that cruiser staff are on site only during peak skating times. Our ice maintenance staff check in on the Public Square regularly between 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily, though are not on site at all times. In order to ensure a staff member is there to help upon your arrival, please contact us in advance to make arrangements.