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Forwell Trail

A woman running in a forest

The Forwell Trail offers one kilometre (0.6 miles) of walking and cycling trails with views of Forwell Creek.

This trail is mostly shaded, and links to the Hillside Trail. On-street parking is available.

Forwell Creek Restoration

The rehabilitation of Forwell Creek and the re-construction of Forwell trail between King Street and Blue Springs Drive has been completed. Please stay on the trail so the new plantings in the surrounding area are not damaged.

There will be some minor maintenance work that will be completed on the creek rehabilitation in October 2017.  The trail will remain open during this time.

Project background

The Forwell Creek Functional Drainage Study Class Environmental Assessment was completed in the fall of 2000 and provided specific recommendations for rehabilitation measures for the Forwell Creek system.

This work was done in order to:

  • Reduce erosion and flooding;
  • Improve vegetation conditions along the creek to improve water quality, fish and wildlife habitat;
  • Improve trail accessibility and the connections to adjacent lands and existing trail; and
  • Perform necessary maintenance to the Forwell Sanitary Sewer Trunk that runs beside the trail.

The work included:

  • Increasing the amount of floodplain area in order to slow the flow, store excess water, remove solids and provide room for the natural meandering of the channel;
  • Paving the trail and grading the entrance at King Street for better accessibility;
  • Removing a bridge crossing so that it does not impede the flood flows; and
  • Reinforcing the banks that are adjacent to the Forwell Sanitary Sewer Trunk in order to protect the trunk line from exposure and damage.


The Forwell Trail runs from King Street North, near the Conestoga Parkway, to Lexington Road, in Waterloo. Google Map


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