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Hillside Trail

A woman running in a forest

The Hillside Trail offers three kilometres (1.9 miles) of walking and cycling trails with views of Laurel Creek.

Trail renovation update

Construction, including the paving of 1.1 km of this trail took place throughout May, 2015 and included the paving of two trail sections in Hillside Park - the Laurel Trail from Forwell Trail south to University Avenue and the Forwell Trail from the Laurel Trail north to Lexington Road. Paving is important in order to maintain the surface of the trail at an acceptable level of service. Frequent flooding has caused severe washouts and erosion and is challenging to maintain. The new paved trails are designed to withstand frequent flooding and improve accessibility as well as safety for all users.  

The map below indicates the section of trail that will be paved and under construction:

Map showing Hillside Trail paving.


The Forwell Trail and the westerly portion of the Laurel Trail adjacent to the MacGregor Crescent properties were designated as primary trails in the City of Waterloo bikeways and trails master plan. In addition, the city's transportation master plan designated the Forwell and Laurel Trails as high priority active transportation routes. 

Like other multi-use pathways throughout the city, this trail is intended for use by pedestrians, cyclists, people with disabilities and anyone using a means of active transportation. In addition, while part of the city-wide trails network, these paved trails also serve as access driveways for the maintenance of the Laurel Sanitary Trunk Sewer and Forwell Sanitary Trunk Sewer.  

More information about Hillside Trail

This picturesque, shaded trail is ideal for bird watching, and links to the Forwell Trail.


The Hillside Trail runs from Lexington Road through Hillside Park, in Waterloo. It has two endpoints: one at Carter Avenue and one near the Conestoga Parkway.