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Park Access Permits

A woman and man walk in a park

In the City of Waterloo, you must obtain a park access permit if you need to access your property or utility easement through city-owned parkland or trails.

For residents common examples of when you may need a permit include making improvements to your property and hiring a private contractor for landscaping, building a deck or fence, or installing a pool or hot tub.

Applying for a park access permit

  • Apply for your permit at least two weeks before you would like to access city-owned parkland or trails
  • Obtain a certificate of insurance, completed by your insurer, with at least $2 million in coverage and identify the City of Waterloo as an additional insured
  • All conditions on the permit must be met prior to approval

Bring your completed application form and insurance information to the Service Centre to apply. Google Map

We will contact you to discuss and schedule a site visit to determine the conditions for approval. There is no guarantee your application will be approved and application fees are non-refundable.

Applying for an easement

Easements: Utility companies requesting access to work in their easement must obtain a park access permit. If you are requesting a new easement for a utility please apply to the Parks department in writing or email

Please include the following information:

  • Company name and and address,
  • Contact information,
  • Location of easement - include park name and address
  • Description of plant
  • attach sketch or As-Builts

Road access

We also regulate work that is occurring on municipal roads, sidewalks and boulevards. You must apply for a work permit if you need to use or access any of these rights-of-way for a project or activity.