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Park Etiquette

A woman and man walk in a park

The City of Waterloo owns and manages more than 800 hectares (1,977 acres) of greenspace that is used for sports, parks, trails, woodlots, waterways, environmental lands and much more.

We encourage you to respect and protect these lands at all times by following some basic tips.

  • Obey all signs posted in the park
  • Stay on designated trails and respect all trail users
  • Keep dogs on leashes (unless you are in the leash-free area at Bechtel Park) and do not let pets roam free
  • Leave wildlife alone - the Ministry of Natural Resource's website has more information on living with wildlife
  • Do not disturb, remove or plant vegetation
  • Remember, encroachment on public property is prohibited

Dog waste recycling containers

Lakeshore Optimist Park

When dog owners do not pick up after their dog, it makes it difficult for others to enjoy their time in the park. Sometimes children cannot play on their school field because dog owners have left dog waste on the ground.  

One dog waste recycling container is now available at the following parks, in highly visible locations:  

  • Bechtel Dog Park
  • St. Moritz Park
  • Lakeshore Optimist Park
  • McCrae Park
  • Rolling Hills Park
  • Chesapeake Park
  • Old Post Park

How do I use the container?

Dog owners pick up dog waste and drop it into the container from the opening in the top. Any type of bag can be used with these containers - they do not have to be compostable. The waste drops into the container that is installed underground.

How is the container emptied? 

A dog waste removal company empties the containers with a vacuum truck and ships the waste to Bio-En in Elmira. 

Why have these parks been chosen?

These parks were chosen because of the high volume of dog owners in each area. 

Green bin

What if my park doesn't have one of these containers? 

Dog waste does not belong in public garbage cans. In areas where the dog waste recycling container is not available, use a compostable bag to pick up waste, carry it home and dispose of it in your green bin at home, as per Region of Waterloo instructions.

Why is it important to pick up dog waste?

When dog owners pick up dog waste and dispose of it properly - either in these new receptacles or at home in the green bin, they reduce the number of overflowing, smelly garbage cans and increase the overall enjoyment of our parks. Your co-operation will help us to reduce maintenance costs and maintain the integrity of our greenspaces now and for future generations.

Overflowing canCity of Waterloo staff empty public garbage cans throughout our parks and open spaces on a 10 to 14 day rotation schedule. When they are filled with dog waste, it is difficult and sometimes dangerous, for staff to empty the cans safely. 

Household waste does not belong in public garbage cans either. All household waste must be disposed of at home as per Region of Waterloo instructions

The results are in!

It is clear dog owners love the new dog waste recycling containers. Since May 2017, when the first three dog waste recycling containers were installed:

  • About 7.84 tonnes of dog waste has been collected and diverted from the landfill
  • An estimated .0.92 metric tonnes of CO2 was diverted from the atmosphere
  • About 0.52 acres have been fertilized
  • The equivalent of 0.87 cars have been taken off the road for a year
  • The energy produced is enough to power 18.36 homes for a year