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Pickleball Drop-in

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All ages - all abilities - no membership required

Our regular players are a mix of beginners, intermediate and a few advanced players. Most participants strive to be better in their game; our club promotes that any player will only ever be as good as their club is strong in the support of ongoing development of the game. Thank you to those club members that take some of their personal game time to build the accomplishment of others. 


December - Updated December 5 (Click Link)

January - Updated December 14 (Click Link)

Program note: children under the age of 14 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Be sure to check our cancellations before coming to the facility.

Prices (includes tax)

10 Pass 25 Pass 50 Pass
Adult sport drop in $5.25 $47.20 $110.25 $210
Youth/55+ sport drop in $3.94 $35.50 $83.00 158.00

Three for Free - what is it?

We offer a "Three For Free" pass to encourage active participation for those who have not experienced our location and the game of pickleball. Come see us in the orange office right across from the gymnasiums to give it a try.