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The City of Waterloo - your municipal government - provides you with a wide variety of programs and services that impact your day-to-day lives.

This section introduces who we are, including our departments, by-laws, budgets, facilities and the vision, mission and values that drive city council and staff forward.

We also have plans, strategies and policies that guide our decision-making and direction. City council and staff consult with you to establish strategic priorities, which form our strategic plan. Our focus is on economic vitality, getting around, healthy and safe community, public engagement, sustainability and our living environment, and vibrant neighbourhoods.

There any many ways to have your say about what is going on in Waterloo, whether you voice you opinions at council and committee meetings, public input sessions or online surveys, among others. Members of committees of council also provide advice and feedback.

Visit the news centre to stay up to date on our latest news and public notices. You can also sign up to receive alerts and eNewsletters to your inbox so you do not miss them.

This section also has information on bid opportunities, civic recognitions, licensing, our heritage and projects that are underway across the city, among others.