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Employee Testimonials

Our dedicated staff work in a variety of jobs and fields from firefighting, horticulture and engineering, to aquatics, planning and finance and so much more. Here are some of our employees sharing the reasons why they love working for the City of Waterloo. 

Fern "I don't face the public directly in my work, but I support teams that do, and that gives me satisfaction because I know I'm helping others. I like the challenge. Every day is different and that keeps me engaged and it gives me an opportunity to learn and improve my skills." - Fern, systems analyst  
 Nancy"The location of my office allows for work-life balance; I can easily fit in a skate, a walk or a swim into my day which leaves my family time for family time." - Nancy, supervisor, leisure and active living programs
 Zohra"I love my job because I make a difference by addressing our residents' concerns. It's nice to be able to see things through. I like working with a variety of people from different teams across the organization, who are always willing to help out and get things done." - Zohra, customer service 

"I was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo. It feels good to work in a city and help people I've known my entire life. I love the work I do in the forestry division - maintaining the trees and forested areas across the city - and the team I work with is great, we are all well trained and work really well together as part of a team with a common goal. It's satisfying knowing we are having a positive impact on our community on a daily basis." - Ben, forestry


"The City of Waterloo delivers some really interesting and great projects - this is a city that definitely punches above its weight. The work that I do, for example station area planning for the ION, exposes me to things you wouldn't see in other cities of similar size. I can grow as a professional here because there are great leaders helping me gain experience and knowledge for further improvement and development."  - Adam, policy planner


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