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Neighbourhood Strategy

Neighbourhood strategyCity of Waterloo

We know that residents have the skills, energy and ideas needed to make their neighbourhoods even better places to live. The City of Waterloo values its neighbourhoods and wants to support residents in creating even stronger, more connected neighbourhoods!  

The final strategy is here!

On Monday, May 14, Waterloo City Council approved our first neighbourhood strategy.

Thank you for the time and insight you have contributed to this project. Over 1,700 community members shared their thoughts and ideas to build this strategy and we are proud and excited to share the final strategy with the community.

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Based on community input, the vision for Waterloo neighbourhoods is:

  • Waterloo is a city of caring, vibrant, engaged neighbourhoods where everyone belongs. 

To achieve that vision, the strategy contains three goals:

  1. Encourage neighbourhood interactions
  2. Empower neighbours to lead
  3. Commit to a corporate culture, at the City of Waterloo, that supports neighbourhood-led and delivered initiatives.

Each of these goals has a series of tangible actions to be implemented over the next five years. As work on the strategy moves forward residents will have access a broader range of the tools and resources they need to bring their community-building ideas to life.

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With council's approval, we will now begin working with the community to implement the action items of the strategy. We are committed to engaging the community on an ongoing basis to make sure the changes we make are helping our neighbourhoods. We will also report back to council and the community on our progress.


Jan. 15, 2018

The draft neighbourhood strategy was developed and approved by council. The staff report COM2018-004 includes the draft neighbourhood strategy and proposed next steps.

Sept. 18, 2017

A summary of the neighbourhood strategy project's progress, including an overview of the milestones and public engagement, as well as next steps for developing draft recommendations, was presented and approved by council. The staff report COM2017-023 contains the overview of the progress to date.

Summer 2017

Street teams comprised of city staff and volunteers went to different neighbourhood and city events, as well as public spaces such as parks and sports fields. There, we asked over 800 community members about their neighbourhoods and what could make their neighbourhoods even better.

Feb. 27, 2017

A summary of what the community said throughout phase 1 public consultation was presented to council. The staff report COM2017-005 contains the summary.

February 2017

Community members told us they want to know more about what is happening in neighbourhoods across the city. We collected stories and shared them on our social accounts using the hashtag #neighbourloo stories. 

Jan. 9, 2017

The neighbourhood strategy staff team hosted a workshop for council. Councillors were asked to share strengths, challenges, and aspirations they perceive in Waterloo neighbourhoods. Background information to guide this discussion was shared in staff report staff report COM2017-002.

November 2016

Community members came together in neighbourhood discussions to speak about what is great about neighbourhoods, what challenges neighbourhoods face, and initial ideas for how to bring neighbours together. City staff met with many different stakeholder groups to understand the vision the community has for Waterloo neighbourhoods. 

October - December 2016

Similar to the neighbourhood discussions, community members completed an online survey to share what is great about Waterloo neighbourhoods, what challenges neighbourhoods face, and initial ideas for how to bring neighbours together. Read the comments on engageWaterloo

August 2016

City staff recruited volunteers for the neighbourhood strategy resident panel. The first resident panel meeting was in September. The resident panel met regularly over the course of the project.

June 27, 2016

Council approved the project approach and scope for developing the neighbourhood strategy. Details about the project are included in the staff report COM2016-013.

Great neighbourhoods start with you!

Neighbourhood strategy steering committee members

Internal Staff:

  • Arts and Culture: Amy Ross
  • Manager, Community and Neighbourhood Services: Lori Ludwig
  • Municipal Enforcement: Shayne Turner
  • Coordinator, Neighbourhoods: Julie Legg
  • Primary Researcher: Janet Norman
  • Project Manager: Beth Rajnovich

External Stakeholders:

  • Affiliated Neighbourhood Associations: Tim Osland and Cindy Watkin
  • Beechwood Homes Association: John Loncar
  • Former Safe and Healthy Community Advisory Committee: D'Arcy Farlow
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Community Foundation: 
  • United Way: Kristen Feduck
  • University of Waterloo: Kelly McManus
  • Volunteer Action Centre: Jane Hennig
  • Waterloo Public Library: Laura Dick
  • Wilfrid Laurier University: Adrianna Crusoe and Shannon Weber
  • Waterloo Regional Police Service: Reid Pridham
  • Waterloo Region District School Board: Shawn Callon
  • Region of Waterloo: Katherine Pigott

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Our neighbourhoods are a reflection of who we are. Learn more about your neighbourhood, and the neighbourhoods across the city, today!