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Park Strategy


The city is developing a park strategy with a vision and action plans for Waterloo's park system for the next ten years. The strategy will explore and guide areas where new direction is needed and will prioritize park infrastructure and operations investment. The strategy will establish a city-wide go-forward management plan based on established service levels and will review current parkland inventory and resource allocation.

The city has engaged the firms of Dillon Consulting, Monteith Brown Planning Consultants, Domis Consulting and Hemson Consulting to assist in the development of the park strategy.

Input from the community is an important aspect of this project and key to developing a successful strategy that meets our community's needs and supports a healthy, safe and active Waterloo. This spring, 2018, the team will begin an extensive public engagement program to engage a broad range of community audiences. Stay tuned! We'll share details as they become available.


Waterloo has an exceptional network of over 1,000 hectares of parkland representing the largest spatial community asset managed by the city. The parkland system is as diverse as it is expansive and continues to grow to meet the needs of an urban and culturally-diverse population. These valued assets consist of community parks, neighbourhood parks, urban parks, cultural parks, athletic parks, special-use-lease parks, woodlots, wetlands, natural corridors and linkages. Parkland provides social, recreational, health, ecological and economic benefit to the community and serves an aesthetic function as an essential element in creating a beautiful, livable city.

Waterloo is undergoing significant growth that is affecting the planning and operations of the parkland system. Intensification and population growth result in higher demands for parkland and some suburban parks need a relook to ensure they are meeting the changing needs of our residents. New suburban parks are being added requiring maintenance resources that are already stretched. The city's demographic is also evolving which means the community is using parkland in new ways with a demand for features that support all ages.

The park strategy will establish a comprehensive plan with the vision, goals and actions needed to guide priorities for the next ten years.

Additional information

  • Feb. 27, 2017 staff report requesting the initiation of the park strategy project and providing background, key challenges, project deliverables and timelines