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Sanitary Master Plan

Sanitary Servicing Master Plan 

The City of Waterloo initiated an update to the previous 2002 city-wide sanitary sewer system update (2002 master plan). The purpose of the update was to account for increases in population and employment growth projections up to a planning horizon of 2031, including provision of municipal servicing to existing privately-serviced properties.

The master plan final report (provided below) includes an outline of priority and strategic projects which will allow the system to continue to operate efficiently and effectively. Recommendations include the implementation of identified best management practices for inflow/infiltration (I/I) reduction and rehabilitation measures, and optimized staging of the sanitary capital program.

With a land area of approximately 64 kilometres, the collection system provides sanitary servicing for the majority of the residents in Waterloo and also receives flows from the City of Kitchener (Bridgeport and Falconridge Sewage Pump Stations), the Township of Woolwich (Stockyards Industrial/Commercial Area and King 86 Power Centre Area), and the Township of Wilmot (Fire Training Centre).

The City owns approximately 420 km of sanitary sewers and six sewage pumping stations and provides sanitary sewage collection to approximately 121,576 persons including an off-campus, non-resident post-secondary student population of 17,150. The 2012 net book value of the city's sanitary infrastructure is approximately $80 million dollars. Sewage collected from the wastewater collection system is delivered to the Region-owned Waterloo Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF).

Final master plan report

The city-wide 2014 sanitary servicing master plan update final report is provided below:

#1 - Waterloo sanitary master plan

#2 - appendix A - climate change

#3 - appendix B1 - public consultation, notice of commencement

     - appendix B2 - public consultation, notices of public consultation centres (PCC #1 & PCC #2)

     - appendix B3 - public consultation, notice of completion

#4 - appendix C - detailed evaluation of alternatives

#5 - appendix D - opinion of probable costs

#6 - appendix E - technical Memorandum #1, existing state geodatabase

#7 - appendix F - technical Memorandum #2, GIS quality control & field verification

#8 - appendix G - technical Memorandum #3, hydraulic model needs assessment

#9 - appendix H - technical Memorandum #4, hydraulic model benefit / cost analysis

#10 - appendix I - technical Memorandum #5, flow monitoring and infiltration & inflow

#11 - appendix J - technical Memorandum #6, model design and development manual

#12 - appendix K - technical memorandum # seven, definition and evaluation of servicing


The following information relates to the environmenal assessment study that took place leading up to the Waterloo sanitary master plan.


Notice of commencement - newspaper advertisement, Oct. 2013 

Notice of commencement - letter to Waterloo residents & stakeholders, Oct. 18, 2013

Notice of completion - letter to Waterloo residents & stakeholders, May 27, 2015

Public consultation centres

Two open house events have been held over the course of the study, allowing city staff and Stantec Consulting to present information to the community and gather input. Details regarding the public consultation centres are advertised on this webpage, the Waterloo Region Record and the Waterloo Chronicle.