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Waterloo Codefest

City of Waterloo Codefest

 The City of Waterloo presents: EngHack

A Codefest Collaboration


Creativity.  Experimentation. Waterloo

This 21 hour hackathon is being co-presented by the City of Waterloo and the University of Waterloo Engineering Society on Feb. 4 and 5, 2017. This event is an exciting opportunity for students, with all levels of experience to connect, create and experiment over 21 hours. Hackers will also meet and connect with employers to learn more about how to get ideas off the ground. This collaborative experience demystifies the complexities of programming while bringing talent and industry together. 

City of Waterloo Codefest

Building on the success of the city's first hackathon, this collaboration brings together academia, industry and government to connect and share new ideas. Using the city's open data, Codefest leverages the creative talents of our community - supporting local economic development while offering innovative solutions and strategies to citywide challenges. 

Engineering Society

The Engineering Society is the official representative for all engineering undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo. The University of Waterloo Engineering is home to Canada's largest engineering school and a pipeline for engineering talent for the world's leading companies. Its reputation of innovation is an ideal platform for new ideas.