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Action Sport Strategy

Skate park

The City of Waterloo is planning a new bike park and more skateparks to complement the popular flagship skatepark in uptown, on Father David Bauer Drive.

We've selected three locations for these new parks:

  • Albert McCormick Community Centre
  • Stork Family YMCA/John M. Harper Branch Library
  • RIM Park

New Line Skateparks Inc. is helping us plan and design the parks and we need your ideas!

Enter to win a skateboard or BMX bike

What features would you like to see at these new parks? 

Complete a short survey and you'll be entered into a draw to win a skateboard or a BMX bike!

Take our survey

Public engagement

Raise community awareness and collect ideas

Timeline: November and December 2018

  • Everyone who completes the short online survey will be entered into a draw to win a skateboard or a BMX bike
  • Share this project on Instagram using #waterlooskateparkideas or #waterloobikeparkideas
  • Sign up to receive email updates about this project, including the opportunity to review park designs and an invitation to the presentation of a grand prize draw!

Review of early design ideas

Timeline: January and February 2019

  • You will be invited to provide feedback on early designs based on the survey you completed in November 2018

Reveal of the designs

Timeline: Spring 2019

  • The community will be invited to an in-person open house in spring 2019
  • 3D design plans will be presented for final input
  • The draw for free skateboards and BMX bikes will take place at this open house

Expected outcomes

The final park designs, along with a funding and implementation plan will be presented to City of Waterloo Council in early 2019. Construction of one or possibly two of the three parks will begin in late 2019. Construction of the remaining parks will be included for consideration in the 2020 budget.

Our design team

We have hired New Line Skateparks Inc. to provide the expertise in the park designs and consultation process. New Line Skateparks Inc. helped with the design of the Waterloo Skatepark on Father David Bauer Drive and have designed action sport parks all over Canada and beyond. The team is also supported by planning, public consultation, design and engineering expertise of Dillon Consulting, Transitions Bikeparks Inc., Walter Fedy and Pinchin.

More information

The City of Waterloo's Action Sport Strategy provides a plan for the three most common action sports practiced within City of Waterloo public spaces: skateboarding, BMX and mountain biking. 

Participation in these sports has a broad appeal to both youth and young adults, as well as, an emerging family market, as adult action sport enthusiasts draw their children toward the sport. 

This strategy sets the vision, approach and actions necessary to guide the expansion of opportunities for urban action sports within Waterloo. 

The development of this strategy included a vigorous analysis of opportunities and challenges for establishing and/or expanding action sport venues.  The analysis focused on the following five key themes:

  • Local destination facilities
  • Action sport growth
  • Neighbourhood amenities
  • Benefits of designated environments
  • Youth engagement 

Review within each of these five themes produced a series of observations that contributed to the creation of a recommended strategic delivery model specific to the needs of the City of Waterloo.

 The recommended model consists of a two-tier action sport venue hierarchy:

  1. City-wide hubs  - the primary, largest scale venue(s)
  2. Neighbourhood facilities and spots - smaller venues situated nearby residential areas with high concentrations of youth.