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Committee of Adjustment

The City of Waterloo's committee of adjustment is legislated under the Planning Act to consider two types of applications:

  • Applications for consent - to request severances, rights of way, easements or leases. An example is severing land to create additional lots or needing a right of way for a joint driveway or shared services.
  • Applications for minor variances or permissions - to request variances to the zoning by-law. An example is constructing an addition without the required backyard setback. Variances must be related to a permitted use - this committee does not have the authority to add new uses to zones.

More information on committees of adjustment is available in the relevant section of the Planning Act.


Please contact Danielle Ingram at 519-747-8773 or email at for an application form.

New - source protection 

Starting July 1, 2016, the policies in the Grand River Source Protection Plan apply in the City of Waterloo and may impact the following planning applications if the property is in a vulnerable area. 

  • Site plan
  • Committee of Adjustment
    • Consent applications
    • Minor variance applications requiring site plan approval (note: minor variance applications that do not require site plan approval are exempt)
  • Zone change/official plan amendment
  • Draft plan of subdivision
  • Demolition control

Check the Region of Waterloo's website: for more information about how the new policies may affect your project

Before submitting your planning application:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on "I need a document for a building permit or development application"
  3. Enter the property location
  4. Answer questions as prompted
  5. Follow instructions on how to proceed
  6. Include the City of Waterloo source protection plan - screening form with your application form

Application Fee: 

Item Current Fee September 1st  2018
Consent application $1,430 $1,460
Minor variance application $1,225 $1,250
Applicant-initiated change to conditions of consent $280 $285
Applicant-initiated application deferral $149 $152
Request per S.45(1.3) and (1.4) of the Planning Act - $365

Region of Waterloo Fee:

The Region of Waterloo now charges a "Regional review fee" for applications relating to Committee of Adjustment consent applications.

Regional review fee

Meeting dates

2017 meeting dates and submission deadlines


submission date

Meeting date
Dec 20, 2017 Jan 16, 2018
Jan 26, 2018 Feb 20  
Feb 23 Mar 20
Mar 23 Apr 17
Apr 20 May 15
May 25 Jun 19
Jun 22 Jul 17
Jul 27 Aug 21
Aug 24 Sep 18
Sep 21 Oct 16
Oct 26 Nov 20
Nov 16 Dec 11
Dec 14 Jan 15, 2019

More information

The following websites have additional information on adjustments.