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Advisory Committee on Culture

The City of Waterloo's advisory committee on culture advises council and staff on cultural development within the city.

It considers culture to be broadly inclusive of arts, heritage and libraries, cultural industries and creative services.

The terms of reference provide more information on this committee.

Committee members include:

  • Councillor Angela Vieth;
  • Bill Poole, as a representative from the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery;
  • Bonnie S. Rollo;
  • Elvan Suzer
  • Gordon Hatt
  • Heather Franklin, as a representative from Button Factory Arts;
  • Jan d'Ailly 
  • Jesse McGinnis, Chair;
  • Mugisho Jean Claude Mutuku
  • Kelly Kipfer, as a representative from the Waterloo Public Library; 
  • Kuldip S. Bachher
  • S.S. Ahmed
  • Sam Toman
  • Sharon Whittle

Agendas and minutes