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Cemetery Services-Bechtel Park Master Plan

The cemetery services-Bechtel Park master plan provides a comprehensive land-use and service-delivery guide for the Parkview Cemetery and Bechtel Park lands.

This master plan addresses land-use development and operational strategies based on a number of objectives:

  • To address cemetery pressures
  • To analyze long-term cemetery needs
  • To analyze long-term park needs
  • To assess the inventory of sports fields and facilities in the park
  • To plan an approach for delivering cemetery services
  • To plan for improvements to the cemetery and park
  • To evaluate the preservation and protection of the sensitive environmental features

This master plan establishes a vision for the lands, including cemetery, natural and activity spaces, and fulfills an effort to balance needs by integrating the activities that are currently firmly rooted on the lands. It also establishes a service-delivery approach for Waterloo cemeteries as a self-funded enterprise model.