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Corporate Climate Adaptation Plan

Waterloo City Centre

Project Overview

The City of Waterloo is creating a Corporate Climate Adaptation Plan. The goal is to plan for the effects of climate change on City-managed buildings, infrastructure and services.

The plan is being developed by City staff, with the help of ICLEI Canada and Lura Consulting.


Climate change is already having an impact locally, including the recent ice storms, heat waves and wind storms. Through adaptation, we aim to reduce the negative effects of climate change.

Severe Weather Events


1. What is the difference between climate change adaptation and mitigation?

Mitigation: actions that focus on the causes of climate change by reducing our emissions. Examples include: reducing our energy use or walking instead of taking the car.

Adaptation: actions that focus on the effects of climate change by making us more resilient. Examples include: changing the way we manage our stormwater or plan for emergency situations. 

2. What does it mean for an adaptation plan to be 'corporate'?

A corporate adaptation plan focuses on things that the City is responsible for - like City-owned buildings, roads and parks. It does not include items that are owned or operated by community members or businesses.

Community Participation

In early 2019, we will be asking the community to weigh in on the plan. More information will be posted in the fall of 2018.

Opportunities for participation will include:

  • An online survey through engageWaterloo
  • A series of engagement booths at publics spaces and events

Sign-up to receive email updates on opportunities to participate by calling 519-747-8531 or emailing You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook @citywaterloo.


Resources will be added throughout the project.