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Council and Committee Meetings

A woman wearing an official robe with other people in the background

Waterloo city council meets throughout the year to make decisions on municipal matters, from passing by-laws to adopting committee recommendations.

City of Waterloo Council and Committee meetings are webcast live on our website and can be found by visiting the main page of the City of Waterloo website and clicking the live webcast banner. Please note that the live webcast banner is only available during the Council and Committee meetings. Full video of the council and committee meetings are posted to the city's YouTube page, for meetings older than May 1, 2016, videos can be found here.

Council and standing committee meeting dates, agendas and minutes for 2012 forward are available online. Meetings normally are held on Mondays. For copies of council minutes and/or agendas prior to 2012, please contact Legislative Services by email or telephone at 519-747-8549.

Standing committees

  • Committee of the whole - This committee reports and makes recommendations to council
  • Finance and strategic planning committee - This committee considers budget and financial matters, major projects and purchases, land sales and purchases, strategic and financial planning and governance issues, and makes recommendations to council

Council and committee meetings are open to the public. You are invited to register as a delegation and speak to any issue that is before council or a committee for discussion. If you choose to speak as a delegation, your name, address and comments may be made public.

Meetings are held in council chambers, on the third floor of City Hall at 100 Regina St. S. in Waterloo.

The procedure by-law (no. 07-137) governs the calling, place and proceedings of council and committee meetings.