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Coun. Melissa Durrell - Ward 7

Headshot of Coun. Melissa Durrell

Phone: (cell) 226-808-6043 (office) 519-747-8784

Coun. Melissa Durrell runs her own communications company. She lives in uptown Waterloo with her husband and two children. She is a strong believer in good communication, economic development and fiscal responsibility.

Melissa has always been passionate about helping people and giving them a platform to communicate their concerns. She wants to make Waterloo one of the most livable cities in the world, and is working hard to make that happen.

She was raised in Ottawa and Saskatoon, two very different cities, and they had very different impacts on her life. The nation's capital was bustling with political activity and offered international culture. Saskatoon, a prairie city, was a close-knit community with a small-town western flavour.

After graduating high school, Melissa went to college and university, and spent 10 years studying and travelling. She earned a television broadcasting diploma from Algonquin College and a bachelor of arts degree in journalism from Ryerson University. She has travelled all across Europe, hiked through the pyramids in Egypt, snorkeled off the coast of Taiwan and snowboarded in the Rocky Mountains.

Melissa worked for Rogers Television and CTV as a reporter, producer and anchor. She has worked in Ottawa, Toronto, Saskatoon, Sudbury and the Region of Waterloo, and specialized in political reporting. She is passionate about green sustainable solutions, motivating and leading our community, and fiscal responsibility.

Check out the latest edition of Councillor Durrell's monthly newsletter - the Lowdown on Uptown:

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