Find manuals, guidelines and standards

Manuals and standards for planning, urban design and development in the City of Waterloo. 

Engineering and landscape manual
  • learn requirements for obtaining city approval
  • includes design, construction and maintenance specifications
Urban design manual
  • use the manual when submitting official plan amendments, zoning by-law amendments and site plan applications
  • learn the how city staff review applications for urban design
Building accessibility standards
  • use the building accessibility standards to learn how city planners review
  • city planners give the region feedback for condominium and subdivision plans
Privately owned publicly accessible space (POPS) guide
  • Privately owned publicly accessibly spaces, known as POPS, are spaces accessible to the public but are privately owned
  • POPs complement or extend public spaces.
View master plans, studies and  strategies
  • view the master plans and other plans, studies and strategies that impact city growth and development
  • learn about how planning and development are shaping the city
View the Terms of Reference
  • get help with development requirements
  • download the Terms of Reference documents