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Heritage Alterations

Heritage features in Waterloo

The owner of a property designated under Part IV or Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act requires a heritage permit to make changes to either the building or the property in question. Changes include alterations - such as windows and doors - demolitions or new construction.

We recommend property owners review the guidelines for alterations and repairs to assist in making an informed application. Beginning work without a heritage review could result in project delays.

Activities that require a Heritage Permit in the MacGregor/Albert Heritage Conservation District

Activity Zoning Compliance Demolition Permit Building Permit Site Plan Review* Heritage Permit
Demolition of building X X     X
Removal of building to different local site, or another site  X  X  X  X  X
Removal of front porch, verandah, porch stoop, enclosed porch or balcony  X  X  X    X
Structural intervention that affects external appearance of building  X    X
Addition to existing building: new room, increase in floor space, attached garage or carport, porch, verandah, porch stoop, enclosed porch, balcony or deck, or dormer window.   X  
Erection of new building or detached garage  
Laying out new driveway or parking space  
Re-pointing masonry, cleaning masonry of paint or grime, painting unpainted masonry, repainting masonry      X    X
Installation of new wall material to replace or cover existing wall material on any building facade visible from the street       X    X
Alteration to doors, windows, and their surrounds, or cutting new door or window openings on any building facade visible from the street  X    X    X
Alterations to roof shape, pitch, roofline or chimney design on any existing building   X    X    X
Removal or addition or architectural detail such as brackets, bargeboard, eaves, returns, finials, etc.       X    X

* Site Plan review  applies to all industrial, commercial and institutional properties and multiple residential buildings containing three units or more.

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