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Heritage Conservation Districts

Heritage features in Waterloo

Heritage conservation districts form an integral part of our cultural heritage. Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act enables a municipality to designate an area with a group or complex of buildings and to manage and guide future change there through the adoption of a district plan.

The purpose of declaring an area a heritage conservation district is to conserve and enhance the character of the neighbourhood. A heritage conservation district plan guides physical change over time so that any change contributes to the district's historic character.

The plan sets out policy statements and guidelines to address such matters as public and private landscape, land use, additions and new construction, existing buildings, and lands adjacent to the district. As well, it addresses the types of work that either require a heritage permit or are minor in nature and are exempt from heritage review. The plan also includes the process for heritage permit applications.

Heritage designations come in the form of a by-law, which is registered on the title of each property within the heritage district.

Learn more about the City of Waterloo's MacGregor Albert Heritage Conservation District