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Heritage Properties

Heritage features in Waterloo

The Ontario Heritage Act requires municipalities to keep a register of properties that have cultural heritage value or interest. The register is called the Municipal Heritage Register. The City is required to maintain the Heritage Register in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA) and reserves the right to change or modify the register and its contents at any time without notice.

The register includes:

  • Properties designated under Part IV (individual) or Part V (heritage conservation districts) of the Ontario Heritage Act
  • Non-designated properties of cultural heritage value or interest

Designated heritage properties

Designated properties are valued by the community for their architectural, historic and/or contextual significance. The City has 41 individually designated properties and one Heritage Conservation District with over 100 properties. Alterations to these properties are managed by a heritage permit process which ensures their continued conservation. Details regarding when a heritage permit is required can be found on the heritage alterations page

Non-designated properties of cultural heritage value or interest

Non-designated properties listed on the Municipal Heritage Register are properties which are not designated but believed to be of cultural heritage value or interest (also known as 'listed' properties). These properties are not protected under the Ontario Heritage Act and alterations are not required to go through the Heritage Permit process.

Municipal Heritage Committee

The municipal heritage committee is a committee of citizens who advise Council on heritage matters, including new listings and designations and alterations to a designated property. Learn more about the municipal heritage committee. 

Heritage property standards by-law

All buildings and structures located on properties identified on the Municipal Heritage Register are subject to heritage provisions of our property standards by-law.

Cultural Heritage Landscapes

The city is conducting an inventory of Waterloo's significant Cultural Heritage Landscapes. For more information about the study please visit our Cultural Heritage Landscape webpage. 



 City of Waterloo heritage landmark plaque