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Official Plan


The City of Waterloo's official plan serves as a roadmap for long-range land use and development.

Created with public input, the official plan contains the goals and objectives of the community and establishes the policies that direct our city's form, extent, nature, and rate of growth and change to 2031.

It supports the overall goal of achieving a healthy community built on the principles of diversity and adaptability, accessibility and equity, connectivity, health and vitality.

The plan focuses on a number of areas:

  • Vision, principles and basis of the plan
  • City form
  • Arts, culture, heritage, recreation and leisure
  • Networks
  • Transportation
  • Economy
  • Environment and energy
  • Mineral aggregates
  • Land-use designations
  • Implementation

It will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it reflects changes in social, economic, environmental, technological and demographic conditions.

Status of the plan

City council adopted the official plan in April 2012. In November 2012, the Region of Waterloo issued a notice of decision outlining that regional council had approved the plan, in part, with modifications. Subsequent to the regional decision, three appeals were filed regarding parts of the decision. One appeal related to 256 Phillip Street has been resolved and two appeals remain before the Ontario Municipal Board. Parts of the plan that were approved by the region and not the subject of an appeal came into effect on Dec. 21, 2012 as described in the regional approval letter dated Jan. 30, 2013.

The City has recently consolidated the Official Plan to include recent amendments.

Official plan appeals

More information

These schedules contain maps that provide more context. 

Schedules A - A6a,

A45a, A45b

  • Land Use Plan
    • Commercial Land Uses
    • Employment Areas
    • Open Space Land Uses
    • Natural Systems
    • Natural Hazards
    • Specific Provision Areas
    • Specific Provision Area 20
    • Northdale Street Frontage Areas
    • Northdale Block Plan Areas

Schedules B - B4

  •  City Structure
    • Height and Density
    • Uptown Waterloo Urban Growth Centre
    • Designated Greenfield Areas
    • Source Water Protection Areas

Schedules C - I

  • District Boundaries
  • Heritage Conservation District
  • Road Classification System
  • Active Transportation Framework
  • Road Allowances
  • Mineral Aggregate Resources Area
  • Industrial Transitional Areas