Past election results and statements

Find summary and poll-by-poll results for past elections and statements of compliance.

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2022 results

2022 municipal election results are now available. 

Past election results

Compliance audits

Each municipality and school board must appoint a compliance audit committee. Every candidate and registered advertiser must file a financial statement reporting contributions and expenses.

The City of Waterloo's Compliance Audit Committee considers applications to audit campaign finances of candidates and registered advertisers that have taken part in a municipal election.

See the compliance report (PDF) for the 2018 municipal election.

Committee functions
  • granting or rejecting applications for a compliance audit
  • appointing an auditor if the application is granted
  • receiving an auditor’s report and deciding if legal action is needed
  • determining whether to recover costs from the applicant if the auditor's report finds no illegal activity or reasonable grounds for the application
  • considering reports from the city clerk identifying contributors who appear to have contravened election contribution limits, and deciding if legal action is needed

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