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Parking Regulations

An intersection and buildings

The City of Waterloo's parking regulations are designed to keep you safe while effectively utilizing our on-street parking spaces.

Learn more about the regulations and where you may park. 

Overview of vehicle parking regulations

  • On-street parking is prohibited from 2:30 a.m. to 6 a.m. on city streets unless you receive an exemption
  • At all other times, on-street parking is allowed for up to three consecutive hours, unless otherwise posted
  • Parking in the uptown core is allowed for one, two or three hours - check the signs
  • Parking on residential yards, illegally widened driveways and organic ground covers is prohibited and comes with a $75 fine
  • Parking on an apron and boulevard is prohibited (a boulevard is the portion of road between the curb and property lines abutting the roadway, and includes the apron)
  • Obstructing or blocking a sidewalk is prohibited
  • Vehicles may not overhang curbs at the end of the driveway
  • Parking within nine metres (29½ feet) of an intersection and 1½ metres (five feet) of a driveway is prohibited
  • In cul-de-sac circles, vehicles shall not park in a manner that would obstruct traffic.
  • Park vehicles in the right direction 


If you believe someone is violating any of these regulations and would like to file a complaint, please contact us online or by calling 519-747-8785. For after-hour calls or on weekends, call the Waterloo Regional Police Service at 519-653-7700 and ask for dispatch. They will send one of our by-law enforcement officers to investigate. 

More information

Read the parking by-laws for more information.